About MAGO

Our company was founded in 1993 in Switzerland as a sole proprietorship.

Over the years our company has grown steadily, so that we have grown from a 2-person company to a team of 16 employees and have since then become the number 1 for Balkan products in Switzerland. 

Since 1994 we have been specializing in the wholesale import of food products.

We import products from over 30 food and beverage manufacturers into Switzerland and distribute them to Swiss wholesale and ethno customers.


For more than 15 years we have exclusive rights in Switzerland for Jana water and Jana iced  tea from Jamnica, the Croatian mineral water brand and producer of fruit drinks.

In addition to Jamnica, we are also the official distribution partner for Pivac.

MAGO Online

Due to our experience over the years in this business, we have been able to build up a lot of knowledge and a well connected network.

Digitization is becoming more and more of an important topic. That’s why we entered the online market in 2018. Since then, we have also been selling our product range thrue e-commerce.

What is our goal?

Our goal is to establish a long term and stable distribution of brands in Switzerland. 

Through our various distribution channels and your manufacturing, we can achieve great things here in Switzerland . The demand for your products is very high.

We are confident that our cooperation makes brands more successful  and present on the shelves of the largest warehouses in Switzerland.



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